Company History

Our company was founded by V. Himark’s CEO, Mr. Kim Sung, a noted chemist and industry luminary in the field of adhesives. Early in his career, Mr. Sung honed his technical, business and entrepreneurial skills, working for a leading Company in Asia as head of research for developing adhesives. During his tenure, Mr. Sung realized that not any single adhesive can be the cure-all for all applications and saw an opportunity to develop adhesives that target specific applications for both industrial and consumer use. This challenging market need became his passion and resulted in the successful development of a full line of adhesives that his company sold to large tape manufacturers in Asia.

Fulfilling this challenge fueled Mr. Sung’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion to investigate further market opportunities for adhesives. His vision culminated in the establishment of the V. Himark (Very High Mark) Technology Company Ltd. in 1987 to address the needs of specialty double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesives for manufacturers and service providers in Taiwan. In the decade that followed, growing global recognition and interest for its products resulted in V. Himark opening a manufacturing and distribution facility (V. Himark (USA) Inc.) in Los Angeles, California to better serve its growing customers in the North American and Latin American countries.

Our Cactus® brand came from the hand with two outstretched fingers that symbolized a ‘V’, and looked like a Cactus.



1987 V. Himark Technology’s first plant opened in Taichung, Taiwan

1989 ISO 9002 certified

1997 V. Himark USA office, A converting, distribution and sales center, opened in California. We launched our new brand name, Cactus Tape, which signifies resilience and adaptation

2002 We expanded our plant and added 3 more coating lines

2006 VOC recycling system. We were the first to introduce RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) into the tape manufacturing industry in Taiwan.

2010 ISO 9001: 2008 certified

2017 Second plant opened and 2 more coating lines were added